About Churches Together in Hemel

Churches Together in Hemel is made up of representatives from most of the churches in Hemel Hempstead. Below is a copy of the constitution and a list of all the member churches. For more info on the church please look under Find a Church. Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead (CTHH) is a network of churches within Hemel Hempstead. Each member church has a representative from which the Trustees are chosen. CTHH has an agreed vision and purpose which can be found on our Welcome page. In the wider circle CTHH is a part of Churches Together in Hertfordshire. For more information on Churches Together in Herts please see their website here or follow them on twitter @manybut1. Information on Churches Together in England can be found here.


  • The Office Holders of Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead are:




Nikki Daly
Owen Cooper


Chris Jones


Austen Janes
Caroline Wainman
David Chapman