Big Events

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Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead invite

everyone – men, women and children – to join us

for this global, ecumenical service at

Church of the Resurrection

behind the Henry Wells shops


Service begins at 11am

Come at 10.45 for a chance to practice the hymns

followed by refreshments

Invitation to

Teachers' Networking Brunch
10am - 12 noon Saturday 19th Jan 2019

Youth Across Hemel is delighted to invite you to its second Christian Teachers Networking Brunch on Sat 19 Jan 2019 at 10am. It is part of our vision that our local Christian community serves our local secondary school teachers effectively, and so we have invited a few of the local church leaders as well.  We hope this will help them understand how you can be supported in your vital role of teaching and leading the next generation. 

Not only will it be a valuable opportunity for them to get to know the teachers in their local community face to face, but also to learn together how we can best support you and your schools in delivering their Ofsted requirements through provision of Christian clubs, prayer spaces, assemblies, lesson plans and events. 




Here is the new Street Pastor promotional DVD, that has been sent out to all the churches who are part of the CTHH network. We really would love to recruit more street pastors so we are able to patrol every Friday and Saturday evenings. We are therefore giving churches an opportunity to invite existing Street Pastors to attend Sunday services and share their experiences of being a SP, to encourage more people to apply for this amazing role.




Past Events